Useful Links

Useful Links

Important Links

Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital is aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet. Our veterinarians have taken the time and evaluated the following sites. We trust the information these websites provide to you and hope you find it useful.

Pet Food

Recalls: Up to date info on pet food recalls

Feline Nutrition Basics: An explanation of current information on this important topic, as well as links to other feline health related articles.

Weight Loss in Cats: An excellent article on why you should change to Low Carbohydrate diets in cats (see next link).

Low Carb Diets for Cats: Look for carbohydrate content below 7%; please note, there are NO dry food diets low enough in carbs, despite some claims to the contrary.

Clinical Nutrition: The Tufts Veterinary School’s Nutrition specialists discuss common pet food questions.

Feline Health

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA): The Cat Fanciers’ Association website has lots of pictures, as well as information on cat breeds, cat care, upcoming cat shows, and much more.

Feline Health Center (Cornell University Veterinary School): Excellent resource for cat health issues.

Feline Diabetes Resource Website: A must for owners of diabetic cats, either newly diagnosed or already well-regulated.

Feline Chronic Kidney Disease: An overview of information available on this common condition, especially in older cats.

Environmental Enrichment: An overview of removing stress from a cat’s environment to aid in healing urinary tract disease.

Veterinary Partner: A wealth of useful information on pet care put together by the Veterinary Information Network’s online specialists.

Canine Health

Breeds of Dogs: A quick reference guide to many breeds of dogs, including photos and brief descriptions of each breed’s characteristics.

Diseases in Dogs by Breed: An excellent resource to see which diseases affect the breeds that interest you.

Dog Diseases caused by Ticks: A great resource that helps identify types of ticks, and the diseases they cause, as well as the tick-borne diseases in your area.

Diabetes in Dogs: An overview of this important disease, as well as tutorials for monitoring blood glucose.

Epilepsy: An excellent overview of this common disease by a renowned expert.

Veterinary Partner: A wealth of useful information on pet care put together by the Veterinary Information Network’s online specialists dogfencediy

Poisonous Substances

Animal Poison Control Center: 1-888-426-4435

Poisonous Plants in Dogs and Cats: A list of potentially poisonous flowers and plants that dogs and cats may ingest.

Loss of a Pet

National Veterinary Organizations

American Animal Hospital Association: Sets standards of excellence for animal hospitals like ours to receive continued accreditation.

American Veterinary Medical Association: This site is a good starting point to learn more about the latest subjects in veterinary medicine.


Financing Pet HealthCare

Our Pet Insurance Webpage

Care Credit: Will extend credit to qualified recipients to help cover the cost of care, with interest-free payments over several months.

Dog Training

AK9 Dog Training and Behavior Solutions: There are so many dog trainers out there with different approaches to training. Amanda is what she calls, a “balanced trainer.” This means that she uses a combination of positive reinforcement, along with corrections for unwanted behavior.

Moving out of the area?

Finding a Vet: Relocating? We’re sorry to lose you but here is the best resource to find your next veterinary hospital.