Our Reviews

  • review rating 5  Great people working there, true animal lovers.

    thumb Sean Treacy

    review rating 5  Doctor Romano is the most caring vet I have ever met. He is great with my dogs as well as all animals.

    thumb Sarah Lippmann

    review rating 5  I adopted a kitten from a Shelter who had just been spayed a few days earlier. I was told that the stitches were disolvable, but they were becoming red and not looking good. I called Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital ,as they were the operating vets,the shelter was incorrect, they were actual stitches which needed to be removed. They told me to come right over, they removed the stitches and checked over my kitten, plus called the Shelter to alert them to the fact that they should read the accompanying after surgery paperwork (which I did not receive). They tech sat and talked with me and assured me my new baby was fine even though it was closing time. Thank you for taking care of my baby all at no cost!

    thumb JoAnn Natarelli-Willis
  • review rating 5  We love Vets here! They have the most excellent staff, especially the front desk! Not only were they extremely professional, they were down to earth and kind too! My cat needed jaw surgery and they were very knowledgeable and made me feel like my kitty was getting the best care. It’s our go to place for our animals in the Area.

    thumb Spencer Kresmery

    review rating 5  I have been going to Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital for almost 30 years and have never had a complaint about anything. They are caring wonderful and talented people who care about your pets. I would recommend them to anyone with a pet.

    thumb Steven Fitzgerald

    review rating 5  Dr. Ramano was great with my dog, who I'd just rescued a week earlier. Patiently answered my many questions as a first time dog owner. She usually growls and barks at men, but not at him.

    thumb Andrea Rosemhaft
  • review rating 5  This vet is truly amazing. We have a dog and a cat that have both been treated wonderfully by the ENTIRE staff! For your piece of mind and the health and safety of your pets, this is the vet to go to!

    thumb Christopher Kiewiet

    review rating 5  After being fed up with my regular vet for providing wrongful information and managing their mess up poorly, I went to Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital. They do say “after the storm comes the calm” and that is exactly what we got. Amazing people, excellent service. Not only did they provide me with the right information and answered all my questions, but also made sure we were seen as quickly as possible.

    thumb Michelle Reyes

    review rating 5  I love this place! From the time I get there with my cats, I’m met by one friendly face after another. And then Dr Romano gives us the personalized care we need. Use Sleepy Hollow Animal hospital and you’ll feel your pets are in the best hands possible.

    thumb rayray harmon