Why We Immunize Our Pets


Why We Immunize Our Pets

With so much talk in the news and on social media about the safety of vaccines intended for people, many pet owners have been left wondering about the vaccinations we give our pets. Are they safe and why do we vaccinate our pets?

The short answer is that yes, pet vaccinations are safe and every pet should receive a veterinarian-recommended schedule to safeguard their health and yours from highly contagious and dangerous diseases.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Vaccinate Our Pets

1. It’s the Law
New York State Law requires all dog and cat owners to vaccinate their pets against Rabies to prevent both the pet and their human family members from contracting this deadly disease.

2. Safe and Effective
Most people have never heard of the diseases that we commonly vaccinate pets for simply because the vaccinations that we use are so effective. Many of these diseases are severe, lack effective treatments, and can be fatal and prior to the development of these vaccines, many pets became ill and/or died from these diseases.

With every vaccination, there is a small risk of an adverse reaction. However, the benefit of vaccination far outweighs this small risk because vaccines, when administered on the appropriate schedule, are incredibly effective at protecting your pet.

3. Protects Your Human Family Members
Additionally, vaccines protect pets from contracting zoonotic diseases (i.e. those that can be transmitted between animals and people). So, vaccinating your pet for Rabies and, if appropriate, Leptospirosis also protects the people in your family from being exposed to these dangerous illnesses.


4. Reduces Disease in Your Home and Community
When everyone vaccinates their pets, it reduces the prevalence of contagious diseases in the community. As a result, fewer wild animals, pets, and people have the potential to be exposed.

5. Required for Boarding, Grooming, and Other Pet-Related Facilities
Vaccination is generally required for the safety of your pet and others at places of business that cater to your pet’s needs.

If you want to take your pet for a professional bath, haircut, or nail trim; enroll your pet in training; or schedule a stay for your pet at a daycare or boarding facility, your pet will likely need to meet a list of health requirements, including having current vaccinations.

6. Required for Travel
Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, if you are bringing your pet along for the ride, your destination will have vaccine requirements that you will need to follow.

If you will be traveling, it is best to plan ahead by visiting our website’s health certificate page.

Update Your Pet's Vaccinations at Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital

Whether you’ve just adopted a new pet, are new to the area, plan to travel with your pet, or simply haven’t been to the veterinary office for more than a year, we welcome you to schedule an appointment for a checkup and vaccinations for your dog or cat.

To learn more about vaccinations and additional treatments designed to promote your pet’s ongoing wellness, we welcome you to visit our website’s vaccination page or contact Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital today.