5 Summer Safety Tips for Pets


5 Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Summer is upon us, and that means it’s the time of year when people like to get outside with their pets to have fun being active in the great outdoors. To make sure both you and your pet have a fun time this season, remember the following summer safety tips for pets.

5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

1. Be Mindful of the Heat
Pets tend to overheat faster than people do, and this puts them at an elevated risk of suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion. Pay attention to the temperature and the humidity to determine whether it’s cool enough for your pet to spend time outside. This is especially important for breeds such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Shih Tzus and other short-muzzled breeds.

When you do go outside, be sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh drinking water and shade. Additionally, be mindful of walking your dog on paved areas later in the day when the pavement heats up.

Importantly, never leave your dog unattended in the car– even if it’s only for a couple of minutes. The temperature inside cars reaches dangerous levels surprisingly fast and can cause irreversible damage.

2. Protect Them From the Sun
Yes, dogs can get sunburn too! There are some breeds who are more at risk, including hairless breeds like the Chinese Crested, as well as dogs with short/thin coats and dogs with light-pigmented noses and eyelids. If your dog falls into one of these categories, there are safe dog sunscreens that can be applied to protect their exposed skin.

Dogs with longer coats are less likely to get sunburned, but remember that if you take your pet in for a summer haircut, be sure to leave at least an inch of length to keep them protected.


3. Permanent Identification
Whether you travel with your pet or have a pet that’s afraid of thunderstorms and tries to bolt during these stressful events, identification is important so that your pet can be returned back to you if they get lost. A collar with your pet’s name and your contact info is necessary. A more permanent option for identification is with a pet microchip which increases the chances of reuniting you with your pet if they get lost.

4. Remember Parasite Prevention
Summer is the time when pets are at an increased risk of picking up parasites like intestinal worms and heartworms as well as external parasites like fleas and ticks. At Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital we offer highly effective and safe preventative options for your pet to help protect them during these high risk months.

5. Swim Safely
Swimming is a perfect summer activity for dogs. However, not all dogs enjoy or are able to swim. Make sure you test the waters slowly and safely with your dog before jumping into the deep end. Additionally, there are some breeds of dogs that have trouble staying afloat and should always wear a life jacket when in the water. All breeds should wear a lifejacket if they are going on a boat or will be swimming in water too deep for them to stand.

6. Vaccinations…more than just Rabies
A fun warm weather activity for many dogs is to run and play in the woods and streams which keeps them happy and fit, but the warm weather brings an increased risk for diseases such as Rabies, Lyme Disease and Leptospirosis. These diseases can make dogs sick and can even be fatal. At Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital we offer highly effective and safe vaccinations to protect your pet against these diseases.


Parasite Protection, Microchips, and More at Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital

Make sure your pet is ready for summer fun with a seasonal checkup/preventative care appointment at Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians can help you determine a parasite prevention routine as well as a vaccination schedule that is safe and effective for protecting your pets and family. In addition, we can talk about the permanent protection that a microchip ID can offer.

To learn more about summer safety for pets or to schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact us today.